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Introducing MuDS

We've all come across situations where we need to turn a spray bottle upside down to get to a hard to reach spot. Well, a standard spray bottle runs dry in 1 or 2 squirts, but the MuDS Spray Bottle gives you 10 or more consecutive upside-down squirts! That's usually enough to get you through any tight spot.

This new patent-pending alteration turns any Spray Bottle into a Multi-Directional Sprayer simply by adding a reservoir to the dip tube.

What makes MuDS extra special is it requires no intricate parts that could fail, no additional cost to manufacture, and the alteration works for any shape or size of dip tube!


Helps the Earth

One of the most critical environmental issues of our time is the vast amount of plastic humans throw away after a single use. 

Simple changes can make a big difference, but only if done on a large enough scale. It's the responsibility of corporations to innovate, but the responsibility of the individual to make smarter purchasing decisions.