About MuDS




Most spray bottles are designed to be held upright. You squeeze the spray trigger and liquid comes out. However, when you turn your bottle upside-down to access any hard to reach area, the dip tube runs dry within 1 or 2 sprays, making it frustratingly difficult to get spray where it's needed.

Now imagine cleaning for a living, and you can quickly realize that facing this frustration multiple times a day could get really maddening!


There is FINALLY a simple solution to this problem and it's cost effective enough that we should implement it far and wide.

Introducing the Multi-Directional Sprayer (MuDS)

What separates the MuDS from every other product on the market is that our innovation is extremely simple and does not require any additional parts or feats of engineering to resolve this problem. It also doesn't add any significant cost to product development, but it offers huge upside to the end-customer, which can result in greater marketability and sales of any spray product.

Our patent-pending innovation is a 'bulb in the dip tube' that acts like a reservoir to increase the volume of liquid available when spraying with the bottle turned upside down. It's so simple and obvious that it makes you wonder why you didn't think of it first!

Some uses for this technology:

  1. Spray cleaners for residential or commercial facilities
  2. Automotive cleaners
  3. Insect repellent
  4. Cologne
  5. Medical device cleaning or maintenance
  6. Medical procedures requiring spraying or misting
  7. Spray watering flowers or plants
  8. Sunscreen


If you are a commercial entity producing a spray, mist, or pump style bottled product, this simple but effective new functionality offers great marketability to customers, and offers them additional incentive to choose your product over the competition's.

There has been no other effective way to incorporate multi-directional spraying functionality into the standard spray bottle in such a cost effective manner.

Humble Beginnings

The "two John's" met in the early 2000's while both were involved in bringing new innovations to the exciting environmental marketplace. John Gillispie had created the Spray-All bottle which was designed to eliminate 100% of the liquid contents of a Spray Bottle via innovations in the design. Jonathan signed on to help develop branding and marketing.

We had a lot of success with the bottle initially, but as we continued to innovate, we found better solutions for that problem and moved on to other projects. But riding the momentum during this phase, we reached out to 1000's of residential and commercial cleaners to get their take on the problems they faced as a professional.

The overwhelming feedback we heard was that they wanted a spray bottle that worked upside down! That's when we had that A-ha moment that made us realize - Yes, I also have this problem all the time! Taking equal responsibility with the cleaning at home (maybe why I'm still married), I've run into this issue on multiple occasions, and realized that if you were a professional that cleaned every day for work, it would be so nice to have a spray bottle that worked better! Thus, we developed the MuDS!

This simple and cost-effective solution I believe should be implemented in every spray bottle in the world!



Jonathan LeClere / Inventor / CEO

Jonathan was born in Warsaw, Poland, grew up in Washington DC, and now lives in Frederick, MD with his wife of 20+ years, 2 daughters, and the best dog ever, Izzy! He has been involved in multiple start-ups, and has worked professionally as a web developer for over 25 years. As a talented marketer, Jonathan thrives on building brands and bringing new ideas and products to market.

John Gillispie

John Gillispie / Co-Inventor / COO
John Gillispie is an entrepreneur with a unique, personal drive toward product innovation. From working as an Executive Assistant to high level executives, to real-estate investing, to music composition, and finally, to inventing, he has a wide range of creative ways to bring ideas into the real world. As an admin, he supported large and small organizations, having his hand in everything from shipping, to accounting, to management, and in these real-world scenarios has amassed a great deal of knowledge about how various industries work – and how they could work better. John is a co-inventor of the MuDS.