MuDS Dip Tube (Only)

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The Bottle that Sprays Upside DownSM

Supercharge your cleaning crew! Swap in the MuDS dip tube, improve productivity, and make cleaning faster and easier!

"These really WORK!!!"

  • Packs of FIVE (5) ($2.50)
  • Discounts available for 100 or more (please call)

These 9-1/4" dip tubes are compatible with standard 28mm (28-400 neck) general use trigger sprayers with 1/4" connection. Or purchase the complete bottle, trigger, and dip tube here: MuDS Refillable Spray Bottle.

The patented Multi-Directional Sprayer (MuDS) with the bulb in the dip tube fills and stores an additional volume of liquid in the bulbous segment of the dip tube, allowing for extended alternative-directional spraying.

Instead of having only 1-2 squirts when turning your spray bottle upside-down or sideways, you get at least 10-12 squirts before having to refill.

During normal spraying, the tube refills quickly and allows you to keep spraying with little interruption. Works best with high output spray triggers.

The MuDS is a time-saving product for every home or office!