MuDS Upside Down Spray Bottle

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Multi-Directional-Sprayer (MuDS)

New Spray Bottle Works Upside Down!

The simple, patent-pending "bulb in the dip tube" fills and stores an additional volume of liquid in the dip tube, allowing for extended multi-directional spraying. Instead of having only 1 wimpy squirt like normal spray bottles, you get at least 10-12 upside-down squirts!

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(32oz Multi-Purpose Cleaner)

Supercharge your cleaning crew! This simple re-design of a standard dip tube stores extra liquid for more upside-down squirts of your spray bottle. It's such a simple solution to a nagging problem. Instead of 1 wimpy upside-down squirt - you can get up to 10 - 12 at a time!


  1. One (1) 24 or 32oz MuDS Spray Bottle and Trigger
  2. One (1) Concentrated Cleaner Pods (32oz ea.)


1. MuDS Dip Tube
The patented Multi-Directional Sprayer (MuDS) with the bulb in the dip tube fills and stores an additional volume of liquid in the bulbous segment of the dip tube, allowing for extended multi-directional spraying. Instead of having only 1-2 squirts when turning your spray bottle upside-down or sideways, you get at least 10-12 squirts.

Please note: High-Output 3.2ml Bundle is recommended. When you turn the bottle right side up again it may take a few squeezes to refill the dip tube. This application is best for situations that don't require extensive upside down spraying, The MuDS Spray Bottle is designed and works perfectly for getting through those intermittent tight spots or awkward angles.

2. Spray Trigger 1.4ml or High Output 3.2ml
This is a 28mm (28-400 neck finish) heavy-duty general use trigger sprayer. The nozzle can be adjusted to either jet steam or mist spray mode for dispensing liquids. This trigger sprayer has greater output per stroke than your standard spray trigger, which significantly reduces the number of times you pull the trigger. Its three finger trigger and rear support make extended use more comfortable. This style is often used for restroom cleaning, house keeping, window cleaning, car washes, auto detailing, pest control, lawn care, and more.

3. High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic Bottle
32 oz. White HDPE Plastic Trigger Spray Bottle, 28mm 28-400
This is a 32 fl. oz. 28 mm 28-400 white high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic trigger spray bottle. It has ergonomic finger molds on the neck for better grip when spraying. It has a flat body and an ample label panel. It is commonly used for packaging industrial solutions such as cleaning and gardening chemicals, and is also good for any product that requires spraying as a dispensing method.

Single Orders Include one 32oz Multi-Purpose Concentrated Cleaner Pod

4. Pak-it Heavy-Duty All-Purpose Cleaner
Simply drop one pre-measured purple Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner PAK-IT® into a 32oz trigger spray bottle and add cold, tepid, or warm water. Wait two minutes and shake. Simply spray and wipe off with a clean microfiber cloth or ideally a paper towel.  Non-aerosol, phosphate-free, ammonia-free formula still packs a serious punch making it both safe and effective on all surfaces.

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